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Why Sell on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most trusted brands not just in the US but as well as other countries like Canada, UK, Australia and many more. Amazon provide every customer with what they need when they need it and it’s no secret: you’re a big part of how Amazon offer the best shopping experience possible.

The question is, How do you get started if you’re new and want to start your own Amazon store? If you’re already selling in Amazon,

How do you grow your business?

How to Get Started:

Setting up your store is easy if you have the necessary documents. The challenge starts when your Seller Account is activated, How do you sell your products? What are the things you need to do to attract customers?

Now that you have finally set up your Seller Central Account, What’s next?

Now you need to upload the products that you want to sell. To make sure that you get the customers attention, your product page should be optimized and appealing.

How do you do that?

Overall, effective A+Content, copywriting and SEO can be crucial in helping your product stand out on Amazon and reach your target audience.

Here is an example of a good Copywriting, SEO, and A+ Content

good Copywriting, SEO, and A+ Content

Now that you have finally set up your Seller Central Account, What’s next?

Seller Central Account

Why win the BUY BOX?

The Buy Box winner will go on to make more sales than any other seller for that product (unless, of course, there are multiple high-ranked sellers – then, they will rotate in the Buy Box, each gaining their share of product sales).

Sellers that reach the “top” of the Buy Box are considered high quality, which is reflected in their positioning.

Buy Box

There are a lot of factors and criteria to win the Buy Box consistently and the most common are Customer Reviews, Logistics and Price. You will need a team of Amazon professionals to help you achieve this so you can focus on growing your business.

Another tool you can use is Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads

Customer Service – Customer Experience

Customer Experience

A great customer service affects the whole customer experience and this is very important if you want to be successful selling in Amazon.

Not only you will get a good review from customers but it will also help your brand or products visibility to get more customers.

Most customers check the reviews on products before making or deciding to make a purchase. With this in mind, you have to make sure that you can answer customers concerns or questions in a timely manner.

Amazon has a SLA (Service Level Agreement) about replying to customers. You need to answer customer concerns whether they are complains, just a simple question or about the status of their order.

You have 24 hours to answer or else your ranking will definitely be affected or worse, you lose the Buy Box if you already have it.

Customer Reviews

Getting The Right People

Everything that was discussed are essential and can be done with the help of the right people. For those who are just starting their Amazon business, it can be scary in the beginning and hiring people can be difficult and expensive if you will do it alone.

That’s why here at transcosmos, we make sure you get the right talent for the job and we will guide and support you all the way in getting the right people to help you grow your business at an affordable rate (honestly it’s below the average rate from your onshore talent).

But with the same level if not more than the capability of the onshore professionals in your area.

We don’t hire a jack of all trades but we will get you an expert on a particular domain in the Amazon marketplace to give you the desired result.

Right people
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