Helpdesk Support

As service-oriented helpdesk specialist at transcosmos, we provide technical assistance to users in a timely and accurate manner. We are the firm's front line, solving basic technical difficulties and providing support for all allocated areas. Our purpose is to ensure that client value is maintained in accordance with the company's requirements.

Whatever you are looking for from an IT support partner we can help you deliver.
Here are just a few things we have provided to our portfolio of customers.

transcosmos recognizes that technology, culture, and how we supply and consume support services are all changing at a rapid pace. As a result, we try to remain adaptable and innovative, and we collaborate with all of the major technology suppliers and start-ups to ensure that we are constantly adapting to meet the changing expectations of our existing and prospective consumers.

RPA Project Management

Robotic Process Automation is a software used to build robots which are configured to imitate how a human interacts with the systems utilized to complete business processes. It creates a partnership in which the robot can focus on standard repeatable tasks while the human handles difficult cases and exceptions. This allows businesses to improve efficiency and quality at a reduced cost.

transcosmos can deliver end-to-end RPA services with its team of experienced developers, capable process experts and competent project managers, who will ensure upstream and downstream impact of automation is assessed to achieve maximum benefit, while adhering to target timelines and costs. Clients can benefit from knowledge and partnership of best in class RPA providers.


  • Capture Information

  • Execute Application

  • Promptly Response

  • Communicate

Target Process

  • Voluminous and Highly Manual

  • Stable

  • Structured and Readable Input

  • Repetitve

  • Tolerable Exception Rate

RPA Case Studies

  • Finance & Accounting

    Monthly Financial Pre-closing Activites

  • Customer Experience Operations

    Customer Management System Reporting

  • Human Resources

    Payslip Generation and Sending

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