General Admin Support

transcosmos can assist executives, managers, and employees with their daily tasks and clerical responsibilities by providing a wide range of office support, such as composing and preparing materials, coordinating schedules, handling communication, and assisting with bookkeeping and budgeting operations.

Here are some examples of common administrative and clerical duties that we can perform:

Procure to Pay

Introduce automation via OCR technology to reduce inaccuracies and inefficiencies in invoice processing. Provide end-to-end support services for accounts receivable management that range from billing based on invoice data, to collection and payment confirmation.

Records to Report

Consolidate global performace across multiple channels and generate global income and balance sheets. Provides visibility to various channel heads in order fro them to understand and comment on the key variance drivers in relation to plans and previous years' performace.


Provides comprehensive support services to assist clients' HR department. Client can benefit from a pool of expert talent search consultants who will assist in job requirement assessment, profiling, talent search and employee due diligence.

Employee Management

Employee management entails investing in team members and developing employee-company partnerships. transcosmos implements an employee management program that provides employees with the resources and support they need to perform well, the reap numerous benefits, including better role alignment, a more diverse and inclusive workplave, opportunities for employee development, higher employee engagement, higher job satisfaction, and better business results.

Payroll Services

We simplify all of the complicated payroll procedures, allowances, government payments, taxes, and loans. Process your payroll accurately, promptly, and effortlessly. Government reports, HR printouts, payslips, certificates, and bank transfers are all provided and arranged for you, making it simple, so you can focus more on your core business.

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