Customer Experience

As Japanese #1 BPO vendor, we transcosmos provide the flexible service with the quality. We can arrange the contact center service from 2 seats to more than 100 seats. We also make sure of the quality through Japanese quality management technology.

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Multi-channel Contact Center

  • Customer Care

    Customer Care

    Our accomodating agents handle customer concerns in seamless, interactions through Multi channel (Call, Chat, E-mail, Mobile,SMS, Social Media).

  • Customer Experience

    Customer Experience

    Interactive communications with customers for various types of topic from promotion to complaint through multi channel as per customer's convenience.

  • Community Moderation

    Community Moderation

    Our skilled operators empower the member of the community online, monitor the content and ensure that all posts are appropriately written as per rules and guidelines.

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Well trained technical experts in each field provide resolutions to end-users who are experiencing technical and network problem.

  • Emergency Hotline

    Emergency Hotline

    24 hour emergency answering services to a variety of customer/businesses. Our live operator service is designed to fit exactly what every customer requires in terms of services.

Sales Support

  • Appointment Setting

    Appointment Setting

    Our agents schedule appointments for our clients sales team with interested prospects by implementing our methodology of cold calling.

  • Lead Generation

    Lead Generation

    We offer lead generation services for different industries. We specialize in recruiting professionals in the Philippines that specialized roles in your lead generation campagin.

  • Market Research and Survey

    Market Research and Survey

    Provides telephone and online survey research for consumer and business-to-business market research surveys, and all sorts of customer satisfaction, loyalty and feedback surveys.

  • Telemarketing


    Telemarketing offers an immediate and cost-effective method of recognizing and reaching out to a particular consumers. Our agents properly approach the consumers. Our agents properly approach the consumers for having good brand impression.

  • Telesales


    The process that you use to promote and sell your products and services to consumers directly over the telephone,With this service, the whole selling method which includes payment transaction, can be accomplished in just a single call.

  • Collection


    A team of highly qualified associates armed with a good list of debt collection techniques and debt collection strategies.

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